Kauai Shrimp


The best tasting shrimp you will find on the island.
Kauai Shrimp are Pacific White leg shrimp found in the wild from the Gulf of California to the western edge of Peru. This shrimp is recognized for its incredible sweetness as we endeavor to replicate the natural environment in which the shrimp are grown.


Hands down, this is the best shrimp you’ll ever taste. Known for its sweet flavor, superior texture, and stunning visual appeal, Kauai Shrimp™ is the preferred choice of Kauai’s and Hawaii’s top chefs.

About the Company:
Kauai Shrimp is a vertically integrated shrimp farming facility encompassing 258 acres of former sugar cane fields on the west end of Kauai Hawaii. All breeding, grow out, processing and packaging is handled by Kauai Shrimp. By industry standards our facilities are small, featuring forty, one acre, ponds and eight half-acre ponds with an annual harvest of one million pounds of shrimp.


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